Psalm 119 : Scriptures to Guide You in Life

I have been reading Psalm 119 in my NLT Chronological Study Bible. These verses really speak to me so I am writing them in my moleskine journal stuck in my back pants pocket. I like to have the words with me wherever I might be. 


10 Reasons “Why Were You Born?” and Big Red Billboards in Cincinnati

Why was I born? Probably one of the most quietly asked questions in our lives. I would guess most people have contemplated the reasons they exist. Sometimes I think most people ask but they just don’t care. Is there a real truthful reason for your birth, existence and death – what about the “eternal” future?

I doubt many people search the pages of the Bible to find this answer. If they do, they don’t even know were to start. There are answers and they do come from the Bible.

I follow on Twitter @whywereyouborn7 and the tweets share reasons from the Bible on why you were born. Here are 10 random tweets:

1. Reason – In your future in God’s family you will “inherit all things” and be His very child – Revelation 21:7

2. Reason – Love God & begin to understand your amazing future – 1 Corinthians 2:9

3. Reason – God offers you an exciting vision of an exhilarating, inspiring & supremely productive future – 1 Corinthians 13:12

4, Reason In your magnificent new spiritual future, death, sorrow, crying & pain will forever be a thing of the past – Rev 21:4

5. Reason – Life may seem short & meaningless but God’s love provides a plan – Psalm 103:13-17

6. Reason As a newborn child in God’s family, your life will not be uneventful, but exciting & fulfilling John 3:13; Acts 2:29

7. Reason – If you feel worthless – remember you were wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14

8. Reason – As a new spirit being God will give you awesome capabilities for the purpose of serving many people – Rev 5:10

9 Reason – Your awesome future includes actively leading & aiding human beings on the earth – John 3:13; Acts 2:29; Rev 5:10

10. Reason – In God’s kingdom you will work with Christ to establish & preserve uprightness & peace all over the world – Isa 9:7

Do any of these reasons help you? Do they give you some clarity in your future? Understanding your future does not happen over night but it is a life-long process that involves having a deeper relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ.

If you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area the publishers of this Twitter account will be hosting a seminar – free to the public – that will help you understand your incredible – yet often misunderstood – future. Go to to register for this seminar and to watch a video featuring the presenter of the seminar, Gary Petty.

Maybe you have seen one of the big red billboards around Cincinnati that is advertising this event. I have posted some pictures of the billboards below.

All the best in your journey of discovering your planned future.

GoPro Editing – CineForm Studio

I don’t have a GoPro camera at this time, but when I do – I want to give this free software a try at editing the video.

CineForm Studio

This is what it can do… (from the GoPro site):
• Transcoding to GoPro CineForm codec
• Frame-rate adjust for slow motion
• Exposure
• Contrast
• Saturation
• Color Temperature
• Image flip rotation
• Frame Resize (Up-res/Down-res)
• Cropping and zoom