How I See It: The Future of Advertising in Video

Pawel Kadysz-photo-1415902051846-2ad925a71020

Pawel Kadysz/Unsplash

A co-worker recently shared this post with me: NBC Smells Cord Cutting On The Wind, Will Reduce ‘SNL’ Ad Load By 30% Next Season

and this excerpt…

“The catch? The company’s going to be experimenting with more native, sponsored, and product placement advertising as part of the attempt to combat cord cutting and ad-skipping simultaneously”

…got me thinking about an observation I had made back in 1998 or 1999 when I was experimenting with embedding layered links in video.

When Macromedia introduced Flash and it’s capabilities to do interactive layers on top of QuickTime movies – I saw how this could lead to linking to items in videos and initiate a purchase process. I remember a conversation I had with some rep at a COMDEX expo in Chicago (maybe 1998 or 1999) and shared my thoughts on how this video layering technology that Macromedia had introduced could revolutionize the way products are advertised and purchased via some sort of smart video platform. At that time it was just video inside of Shockwave or Flash video. But the potential was there. I gave the scenario of watching a show where a person was riding a Trek mountain bike (At the time I was focused on my degree in Recreation Management – so outdoor rec stuff was on my mind.) and how you could click on the bike and find out what it was and where you could purchase that bike. At that time, we did not have the online payment features we have now, we did not have the overlay linking features within YouTube. The Web and Internet was still growing, but the foundations were being laid to shake things in the advertising world of TV in the next few decades.

We are now at a point where people will begin to drift away from cable and float over to streaming media. What systems will be put into place to offer consumers to be “advertised to” in a way that does not break the flow of streaming video. Maybe the answer lies in a whole new form of point and click advertising that would be done via the “smart” TV with the “smart” remote.

It will be interesting to see what comes from my observations from almost 20 years ago and see if it will pan out into a new and exciting form of ad placement.