Footstraps – Helping Me to Stay On


A recently got a new MBS MountainBoard complete with velco MBS footstraps. This is my first MB to own and looking forward to riding down some hills in the area. I like to snowboard and thought this would be a good substitute since I am not able to snowboard (lift tickets cost too much and I don’t live in area that is a known skiing/snowboard mecca – but I could drive too some).

Its interesting to note that both the snowboard and mountain board both have “footstraps” (well the snowboard has bindings – but serve the same purpose) – the “straps” keep you attached to the board. Without being attached to the board it would be much harder to control yourself going down the steep slopes or hills.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our life(board) had footstraps – to help us stay attached to life and in control? I think most of us feel out of control on our “board of life”… how about attaching some straps to our daily life (board). Maybe its time to strap your feet into some new DBS straps – Daily Bible Study.